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Are you looking for a room for your exchange year?

Finding a room in Bologna it's quite hard. We are sure you will notice few moments later starting looking for a place to stay.

Many landlords are afraid to rent for short term and to foreign students and many of them prefere to use their apartment for tourists.

Our association cooperate with some landlords and we can help you to find a room in a easy, fast and safe way. Contact us on whatsapp or on our social media to discover which accomodation are availble. Our apartments are perfect for students life: close to the university area, fully equipped with high-speed internet connection, washing machine, spacious rooms and a clear and fair contract with no hidden fees. If you are looking for an apartment, other options are students residence, but they are quite expensive and often you can't host your visiting friends. The best way to find a room is looking on many facebook group and on many website, but beware of scam! Unfortunatly, we know about many students that were scammed and lost a lot of money.

So, don't hesitate to contact us and start your exchange year without any problem!

Unfortunatly, we notice every year foreign students loosing money with scams (or fake flats/rooms), so we hope to make ring some "alert bells" in your head if you recognise the same patterns.

If it's too good, too cheap or too easy, then probably it's a scam.
There are many facebook groups about rooms, you can find them using "Affitto Bologna", "Affittasi Bologna", "Casa Bologna" as search keywords in FB. You can easily compare the bargain you found with the average type of listings published around. Of course there are few genuine and real offers around, but when anyone is looking for a place to stay, they are gone in a second.

Who is publishing the listing?
In Italy >90% of landlords are Italians, so if you're dealing with someone not from Italy and not living in Bologna, just pay extra attention.

Do you have to pay before moving into the place?
If you're looking for a place from abroad most probably you will be required to send at least a partial security deposit, which is still reasonable. If you don't have anyone you know who is already living in Bologna, just ask for some help to us in order to check if it's real contract or not. At least ask for a video call over whatsapp so you can see if published photos are real. Most probably there will be other tenants already living in the apartment, so ask their contacts so you can talk with them privately.

Last but not least, use bank transfer in case of payment, not services like WesternUnion, MoneyGram,... When you find scams around never forget to report it to the admin of the group and to FB so this people can be banned.
And share this with your friends!